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In December 2011, Owners Reuben & Sarah Reid launched Flavorful Creations LLC. After experiencing major life challenges such as economic hardships due to a lay off, under employment and personal loss, the Reid's decided it was time for a change. Baking always brought joy to Sarah and all those she shared her delicious treats with, ESPECIALLY her husband! Reuben recognized his wife's talent and passion. He encouraged her to turn her passion into a business, which also provided an outlet for creative expression for the married couple.


In the summer of 2012, the Reid's participated in their first Farmer's Market, located in their community on Detroit's East side. They were well received and enjoyed providing quality baked good to their community. After a few years of participating in their local farmers markets, under the Michigan Cottage Food Law, the Reid's were encouraged by members of FoodLab Detroit, Detroit Kitchen Connect, family and friends to take their business to the next level and become a commercially licensed bakery.


Present day, the Reid's have become officially licensed to bake in a commercial kitchen and enjoy working together. Through their faith, love and trust, the Reid's were able to overcome life's obstacles. Their adopted motto is " Teamwork makes the dream work!" In 2016 they welcomed their first child Noah and couldn't be happier! In summer 2019 the couple welcomed the arrival of their second son, Jonah.  Having a growing family alongside a growing business, this couple believes in taking a slice out of life and living FLAVORFULLY! 

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